Collect and Recycle Silage Plastic to Earn Cash

(Ag Film and FIBC Bulk Bags)

Landscapers will earn revenue in the winter by helping livestock farmers by collecting from their storage yard all the wasted silage plastic that once covered their silage piles along with spent bales bags and silage tube debris.  Otherwise this recyclable plastic goes to the landfill!  During the winter months, landscapers can fill the BioPac'r to capacity and help recycle silage plastic.  Next it's packaged in just an outer Pac'r-Bag.  And then YCC can schedule a pickup of the recyclable materials and the landscaper earn extra cash for their labor.

recycle silage plastic -BioPacr.comrecycle silage plastic -BioPacr.comrecycle silage plastic

Are you dealing with your own silage plastic nightmares?  Are you inundated by waste Ag Wrap, Silage Bags, Plastic from Silage Piles, Bale Bags, Ag Bags or Silage Wrap.  Otherwise this waste ends up in your local landfill!

We can help you Recycle them.

Contact  us at to locate the nearest landscaper to take this waste off your hands.  Saving you the cost of a general ag compactor.

As farmers begin to accumulate bags, landscapers with the BioPac'r can come by and compress (cube up, bale) the waste plastic in their BioPac'r for you for FREE!

Why would a landscaper do this service for Free?  Livestock silage is normally fed to during the time of year landscapers are slow.. winter months.  This is when their BioPac'r sits idle.  This is a new way for the enterprising landscapers to earn extra money when there are no lawns to mow.  After this plastic is compacted and baled up, it can be sold to recycling centers.  A Win - Win relationship.

Recycling Partners Wanted

recycle silage plastic

We are constantly looking for Additional Ag Film and FIBC  recycling

partners nationwide to add to our growing network.  Contact us at

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Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r line of products. BioPac'r, Grass 2 Cash, Lawn Clipping Compactor, Lawn Harvester, and Lawn Clipping Silage are ALL Trademarks (TM) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp.

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