BioPac’r | Complete Turnkey Package

BioPac’r Grass Handling System.  Eliminate trips, labor and landfill fees by packaging fresh grass clippings into 1-ton bags where the content pickles into livestock feed.  YCC can even broker your product to our livestock feeding partners, generating a new revenue stream for your business.  Our Brokerage Service adds an additional layer of security by placing a Product Liability Insurance Policy on every bag of silage YCC brokers on your behalf.  This coverage is not available unless YCC has your feed under contract.  Self feeders or those wishing to transfer their feed to end users themselves are not eligible.

BioPac’r Turnkey Packaging System Includes

**2-Man mowing crew can expect to generate 135 tons (bags) of grass clippings per season.

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BioPac'r Turnkey Packaging System Includes

  • BioPac'r
  • New for 2019 - Automated Packaging Table that tilts the filled bag from flat to 45 degrees then with a touch of a button, uprights the bag onto a standard wooden pallet.  
  • Packaging Shroud
  • Packaging Spacer
  • Pac’r Fermentation Bags
    *Freight is Not Included

The BioPac'r is Made in America with high quality steel built to last the test of time.

  • Our hydraulic system is state of the Art and uses food grade hydraulic fluid making the BioPac'r an all around GREEN TECHNOLOGY.
  • Our Hydraulics are powered by a single 12V Marine Deep Cell Battery (Not Inc).
  • Charge the battery via your vehicles charging system, standard battery charger or our optional solar panel charging system.
  • The BioPac'r offers a clear top window panel over the compression chamber for safety monitoring and general entertainment purposes.
  • All four corners have half moon lifting lugs that can be used to hoist the BioPac'r in and out of place.
  • Two built in Fork lift pockets extend the entire length of the BioPac'r for easy handling from either end.
  • The BioPac'r comes with a magnetic mount remote controller.  The New four-button Forward/Reverse Switch has a 10' cord offering you full control during the compacting and packaging process.

Additional information

Weight 3000 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 48 × 42 in