Grass Clipping Silage Network (LSN)

Join the YCC Grass Clipping Silage Network (GCSN). As Landscapers, Golf Courses, Sod Growers, etc. start producing Grass Clipping Silage™, YCC will help broker contracts between silage producers and silage end users.

This distinction offers you the first shot at buying the areas locally produced Grass Clipping Silage.

Which dot are you?

We can't connect you with a silage producer, unless we know you are interested!

Fill out the form above so you can be placed  in our national register  or Grass Clipping Silage Network (GCSN) and get included in future feed offerings.  As we place BioPac'r™ units around the country with landscapers, golf courses, sod growers, etc., we will help to connect the two parties to form a lasting relationship, built on trust, honest and integrity.

If you are a  dairy farmer, cow calf operation, feeder or finishing feedlot and require hundreds of thousands of tons of feed each year, we can bring together multiple silage producers in your area to fill your needs. Fill out the questionnaire above.

For information about feed rations for your particular situation, contact us at

About BioPac'r:

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r line of products. BioPac'r, Grass2Cash, Lawn/Grass Clipping Compactor, Lawn/Grass Harvester, Lawn/Grass Silage Network and Lawn/Grass Clipping Silage are ALL Trademarks (TM) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp.

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Interested in learning more about BioPac'r™?  Be sure to sign up for our email updates and Contact Us at (307) 203-2736 | 3510 Southpark Drive | Jackson Hole, Wyoming | 83001.

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