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How Do Landscapers Handle Their Lawn Clippings?

The World Food Organization claims we need to double food production by 2050 or starve as a planet. Id like to lobby therefore, that lawn clippings used to feed livestock is a greater goal to reach and BioPac’r will pave the way.

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Pesticides, Lawn Clipping and Silage

I feel like I back living in the 1950's with the types of questions I get from people when I tell them I feed fermented lawn clippings to cows.  In 1949, AO Smith creates Harvestore Products Company to market the glass-fused-to-steel bolted tank technology in the... read more

History of Lawn Mowers

"Gentlemen will find using my machine an amusing ... healthful exercise." — EDWIN BUDDING'S PATENT APPLICATION FOR THE FIRST LAWNMOWER, 1830 To understand what landscapers do to dispose of their lawn clippings, you first need to know the history of the lawn mower.... read more

Laverne & Joyce Graus

My Folks taught me the value of hard, and honest work and rightfully I wanted to memorialize them by naming the first 2015 production model for Laverne and Joyce Graus.

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Determining the Value of Lawn Clipping Silage™

Value can have two different definitions; material value or human value. Let’s look at the value upon humanity first, then monetarily in the calculations to determine the actual market value of lawn clipping silage.

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My Truths: Mulching Lawn Mowers

Since the early 1980's I have owned and operated a lawn and tree care business.  I'm not only a manufacturer, I'm one of you!  I started out mulching the clippings back into the lawns, what a mistake!   That first year I was offered a free John Deere hydrostatic... read more

What’s in a Name? Yellowstone Compact & Commodities

When thinking of a name for our new company, I wanted an iconic name, one representing a physical landmark that is known and that can be associated with Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp. On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the law declaring... read more



We at Yellowstone Compact & Commodities are creating an entirely new commodities market that is Horticultural based, justified by University Research in partnership with Agriculture. The BioPac'r converts lawn clippings into High Octane Grass, for your Cows, it's called Lawn Clipping Silage. Follow our Blog below.

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