Confessions of a Sustainable Yellowstone Entrepreneur

Retting Hemp via Hempsiling by BioPac’r®

When farming hemp for Hemp fibers, or cannabis for CBD and wanting a secondary market for the residual plant debris, the process that detaches the fibers from the stalks, branches and twigs is called "Retting". While two major types of retting including field retting...

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Great Tasting Grass Fed Beef without Grains or Genetics

We hypothesis that Wyoming livestock producers have had 150 years to perfect bloodline of cattle that offer a grain finished taste (via marbling) from animals that have only ever eaten grass!  Why is this?  I suspect that our bloodlines are better able to convert low...

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Here’s Why Wyoming Beef is So Popular Around the World

Why are Cowboy Grown beef products so popular around the world?  Nothing has really changed in 150 years! It's due to our love of the animals and the land since the first pioneers established themselves in the Wyoming Territory in the 1800's.  Our beef is being "Grown...

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Golf Course: Ensiling Verticutting Debris

As we at BioPac'r, continue to look at new biomass to ensile, we will try to offer some guidance on how you can prepare these alternative biomass for packaging and ensiling.  Some of the alternative biomass to grass clippings has been, golf course green clippings, ...

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Will Grass Clippings Produce Methane Gas?

Our Attempt at BioGas Production I had been thinking about a way to beat the county landfill out of a $90/ton dumping fee back in 2010.  I was trying to figuring out how to use grass clippings for something different, like in the production of BioMethane gas. ...

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Can Cattle Eat Grass Clippings?

According to NASA, there are More Lawns Than Irrigated Corn, making the 35,000,000 million acres of potentially "harvestable" turfgrass, the #1 irrigated Crop in the United States, surpassing that of Irrigated Corn!  So, will cattle eat grass clippings?  Absolutely,...

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Generating a Revenue Stream from Grass Clippings

It's exciting that after just 18 months since the first release of the model LJG15, named after my parents Laverne and Joyce Graus, we have BioPac'r units generating new revenue streams from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Forward thinking...

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David Vs. Goliath

This particular blog  was originally handed in for a grade by a Business college student Ben Gelman of NYU.  Ben "wrote a paper that featured that BioPac’r as a solution to a social issue".  Mr. Gelman gave permission for his paper to be posted here. The Steaks Have...

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We at Yellowstone Compact & Commodities are creating an entirely new commodities market that is Horticultural based, justified by University Research in partnership with Agriculture. The BioPac'r converts lawn clippings into High Octane Grass, for your Cows, it's called Lawn Clipping Silage. Follow our Blog below.

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