Generate a New Revenue Stream by Selling your Grass Clippings

The BioPac'r is a grass handling compactor & packaging system or recognized by livestock producers as a Portable Ensiling System.  The BioPac'r diverts waste products like clippings, vegetable or fruit pulps and brewers grain away from landfills, saving managers labor and fees associated with these trips.  BioPac'r benefits its users by generating a new revenue source by facilitating the conversion from a fresh waste byproduce into a safe livestock silage feed with shelf lives that can exceed 5 years. 

Packaging your grass clippings creates a new sustainable livestock feed that is being sold to Farmers, Ranchers, Dairies & Feedlots.


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About BioPac'r

We provide a new solution to the age old problem of using grass clippings for something other than filler in a landfill or composting.  Don't  recycle your grass clippings back to a client lawn or throw them away for a fee!  Bag these lawn clippings and sell them as livestock feed.  With the aid of the BioPac'r™  grass clipping compactor & packaging system, convert them into a fermented, pesticide-free, sustainable livestock feed with a shelf life of 5 years or more.

The BioPac'r™ is 100% self contained and portable and slides into the back of a pickup or can be mounted on a trailer.  This grass clipping compactor compress multiple loads of clippings into a  convenient to handle 1-ton package (4' x 4' x 4.5'). 

Don't let the name fool ya!  The grass clipping compactor also deals with pasture grasses, alfalfa too wet to bale and even tree leaves.  The BioPac'r crushed forty (40) 39-gallon contractor leaf bags of tree leaves into one trip.  This grass handling device allows turfgrass managers to use shorter trailers for their mowing equipment, allowing for more maneuverability on narrow streets or in traffic.

Crew members can now empty their mowing bags directly into the BioPac'r™  where the biomass is placed under consistent pressure throughout the daily mowing route.  At the end of the day the BioPac'r™ packages the compressed the biomass  into our proprietary Polly-lined Pac'r Bags, where the biomass ferments or in farmer terms, "Ensiles" into 22% Protein livestock silage.

Watch the Filling and Bagging Procedure

The Grand Tetons

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac'r™.  Corporate Offices are located in scenic Jackson Hole, Wyoming, gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

What About the Pesticides and Fertilizers?

Pesticide Biodegradation is recognized as the most efficent natural eliminator of pesticides in our environment. Whereas plants, animals and fungi (Eukaryota) typically transform pesticides for biomass detoxification through metabolism by broad-spectrum of enzymes, bacteria (Prokaryota) and especially the formation of high levels of lactic acids.  Lactic acid lowers the pH inside the BioPac'r bag and at this low level, pesticides can't survive.

Universities and farmers have known for 70+ years that plants previously treated or sprayed with pesticides prior to the crop being harvested (chopped or cut) and then placed into an upright silo, silage pit, silage tube or silage pile, would degrade and breakdown during this amazing biological process known as ensiling or also known as anaerobic, lactic acid fermentation.

This silage is currently being fed to livestock In North America and Africa without concerns. Founder Todd Graus had the privilege of naming this new sustainable feed "Grass Clipping Silage™".

YCC Trademarks

Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp is the manufacturer of the BioPac’r line of products/services. BioPac'r™, Grass2Cash™, Lawn Clipping Compactor™, Grass Clipping Compactor™, Lawn Clipping Silage™ , Grass Clipping Silage™ and High Octane Grass™ are all Trademarks (™) of Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp, Jackson Hole Wyoming.

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