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Save Labor Expenses and Dumping Fees by Unloading the Clippings in 60 Seconds or Bypass the Landfill Altogether and Convert your "Grass2Cash"

The BioPac'r converts lawn clippings into Lawn Clipping Silage that are Safe to Feed to Livestock! 

  We will assist  users of BioPac'r to connect with a variety of different end users like commercial feed lots
, farmers, ranchers, pellet manufacturing plants, bio-gas producers, organic fertilizer producers or exporters. 

The compactor can be slid into the bed of a pickup or small trailer.  The BioPac'r can save the operator many trip per week to the landfill and it runs on batteries, NO Hydraulics to worry about. 

Would you like an additional revenue source this winter?  The BioPac'r facilitates the process of converting fresh lawn clippings into livestock silage

Livestock feeders can feed this high quality silage at a fraction of the cost of conventional feed rations.